Lunching in Paris

We only have a week left in Paris and Mummy is trying to get a few more places crossed off our list. Where has the time gone?!?!?! Have we REALLY been in Paris for MONTHS and still managed to not see everything??? Today we had lunch at “La Jacobine,” a darling little restaurant in the 6th arrondissement. Mummy had the onion soup because she has to try that everywhere she goes. She claims that it was yummy, with a peppery taste… but can’t match the rich, brothy flavor of the onion soup offered at “Delmas” in the Latin Quarter at Place de Contrescarpe… which remains her very favorite after ALL of the bowls she has consumed thus far! But the restaurant itself, located in a tiny, covered shopping alley, deserves to be explored if you are ever in the area… it is simply CHARMING!!! After having lunch, we set off to find the tea shop of “Mariage Frères” which is just a few streets away. There, Mummy found herself in TEA HEAVEN, and being the lover of tea that she is, we spent quite some time chatting it up with the VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE tea staff! After deciding on a few teas, he suggested we go upstairs to the tearoom and rest for a bit, with a nice cup of hot tea before heading back to our apartment… what a lovely idea! Of course I was welcome in the tearoom as well! Mummy chose the Nepal red Himalayan tea and a little pastry… and I took a nap. They offered reading materials about tea, and here is what the founder, Henri Mariage, said in 1827:  “The fragrance of adventure and poetry endlessly pervades each cup of tea.”  There are several locations in Paris and if you love tea, I highly recommend that you find one and take the time to enjoy some tea like we did in their tearoom!


  • Roxann Brousseau

    27.11.2018 at 21:23 Reply

    So sorry you only have a week left in Paris. You and mommy love that city very much. Enjoy your last week.

  • Carol Amick

    28.11.2018 at 15:25 Reply

    Millie. What will we do without your reports from Paris

  • Donna Remeta

    28.11.2018 at 16:24 Reply

    Thats so sad that you haven’t seen everything in Paris and you only have one week left to see more!! You gals are so lucky that you got to go for as long as you did!!! I would love to go for just one week to see the Eiffel tower , have some real French bread, croissant, etc.

  • Sandy McDonald

    29.11.2018 at 03:38 Reply

    What a lovely day to spend with your mommy…what a lovely birthday you have had this trip. I am crazy for French Onion Soup…oozing with gooey cheese, thousands of onions and topped with a crispy slice of French bread with more cheese. It’s hard to find and hard to make. Yum. You are a special little girl, Millie, and Parisians will miss you. Christmas at home with daddy and your siblings will be wonderful.

  • Susan Thomas

    03.12.2018 at 19:06 Reply

    I’m not a good traveler so I’m happy to be able to read your adventures from home! My sister really loves French onion soup I’ve never tried it. I’m sure your Daddy and sisters are missing you and will be happy to see you get back home. I’m sure I’d be homesick.

  • Jill Stroh

    06.12.2018 at 02:53 Reply

    Oh Millie, French onion soup is a special treat, and it’s something that’s hard to find for us gluten free folks. I still enjoy it without the bread, and am going to try to make it this winter at home. Bon chance? Now tea is ALWAYS gluten free and a delicious little pleasure! I like what the founder of the tea room wrote: “The fragrance of adventure and poetry pervades each cup of tea.” It’s true. I have a tea at home called Russian Caravan–smokey, strong, and evocative of mystery. Not for everyday drinking, but it’s great for the occasional cup on a stormy evening.

    By now you and Mummy must be home and relaxing after your long flight. We have all enjoyed having a glimpse into your adventures in Paris and look forward to whatever comes next. Bisou bisou.

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