yorkie craft day pm


We wanted to pick some flowers for Mummy, but there aren’t any good ones in the yard right now…so I told Tulip and Addie Mae that it would be EASY-BREEZY to just MAKE OUR OWN! It’s hard to hold their attention though…Tulip keeps pulling the flowers from the vase and running off and Addie Mae thinks we need to put water in the vase. SHEESH…it’s RUFF being a teacher!


  • Sandra Barnes

    22.07.2014 at 18:29 Reply

    OMD! This is the cutest ever!! We love flowers…real, paper, fabric, …these are perfect!

  • Darsey Mitchell

    22.07.2014 at 19:56 Reply

    Thank you ms. Sandra Barnes….I think that I’m on my way to becoming the perfect little FLOWER GIRL! 😉

  • Carrie & The Canine Crew

    23.07.2014 at 00:44 Reply

    Such little darlings! Flower Power Girls! What Fun! 🙂

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