Our Summer AIRSTREAM Schedule

May 4, 2019


Mummy and Daddy have spent the last month mapping out our 2019 summer trip and I think we pretty much have our schedule all worked out.  We may have to change some things at the last minute, because things always seem to come up when you plan things like this… but I am posting our schedule in case any of our friends would like to try and meet us along the way.  We love seeing our friends IN PERSON but we can usually only schedule a few hours on ONE DAY during our stops in certain cities.  We are trying to explore the area and take in lots of sights, so we try to plan our meetups at ONE TIME in each location.  If you are interested in meeting up with us, please “CONTACT US” through our website and leave us your email address and phone number.  There is a CONTACT US tab on the home page where you can send us an email.  We will get in touch with you.  If you do not hear from us, we DID NOT get your message… please try again.  We will also bring our famous cookbooks with us for those of you who would like to purchase one and help support the RESCUE and SHELTER organizations that we donate to through the sale of these cookbooks.  We will NOT have any extra books with us because we don’t have room in our truck.  These cookbooks will have a special “travel compass sticker” inside each book (these special stickers are ONLY AVAILABLE for people who purchase a book from us at a travel meet-up) and they are hand-signed by Mummy and also include my paw print.  I hope that you will help us, help these doggie groups.  Let us know in advance if you would like to purchase a cookbook and we will have one for you when we meet up with you.  If you are unable to meet us, you can still purchase a cookbook through our online BOUTIQUE and we will greatly appreciate your support.




July 1st… leave home

July 1… arrive Roanoake Rapids, NC (overnight stay only)

July 2… Williamsport, MD (overnight stay only)

July 3-7… Gordonville, PA (4 nights)

July 7-11… Phelps, NY (4 nights)

July 11… Westhampton, Mass (overnight only)

July 12-16… Bradford, RI (4 nights)

July 16-21… Bellingham, Mass (5 nights)

July 21-26… Salisbury, Mass (5 nights)

July 26-30… Saco, Maine (4 nights)

July 30-August 7… Orland, Maine (8 nights)

August 7-10… Tamworth, NH (3 nights)

August 10-13… Lanesborough, Mass (3 nights)

August 13-19… Greenfield Park, NY (6 nights)

August 19-21…Gettysburg, PA (2 nights)

August 21-23… Front Royal, VA (2 nights)

August 23-26…Alderson, WV (3 nights)

August 26… Charlotte, NC (overnight only)

August 27… RETURN HOME


We sure are looking forward to meeting you!  KISS KISS


  • Sharon J. Hook

    04.05.2019 at 12:56 Reply

    Sounds like a fun Summer for all of you. I will be looking forward to seeing your adventures unfold. Have a safe and fun trip!!

  • MaryAnne Myler

    04.05.2019 at 13:26 Reply

    Millie you inspire me. I would love to take our RV to the Carolinas. Thank you for the update.

  • Maggie

    04.05.2019 at 13:57 Reply

    Have a great adventure-i will enjoy your pix as I haven’t traveled this area!

  • Rev kennyhaddock

    04.05.2019 at 14:03 Reply

    Great pics enjoy your summer

  • Mary Martin

    04.05.2019 at 14:23 Reply

    Unfortunately you are not making it to Houston this summer, but I am looking forward to all your adventures! ! Love to all!

    • Millie LaRue

      04.05.2019 at 16:06 Reply

      We would live to do a trip of JUST TEXAS!!! It is sooooo big with so many beautiful places to visit!!!

  • Mary Ann Dahl

    04.05.2019 at 14:50 Reply

    Do you ever travel to California? I would love to meet all of you❤️

    • Millie LaRue

      04.05.2019 at 16:05 Reply

      We went to California two years in a row and met with lots of people but this year we decided to do the Eastern USA.

  • Debbie Fisk

    04.05.2019 at 14:53 Reply

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. I wish I was in your route. I would love to meet up with you. Maybe next year!

  • Charlette Koger

    04.05.2019 at 14:59 Reply

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. Have fun and safe travels. Looking forward to seeing all the things that you do.

  • Pamela Hartman

    04.05.2019 at 15:08 Reply

    I am so excited. I live inGettysburg , Pa. I definitely want to meet Millie and her sisters. Will you let me know when and where. This made my day! I am anxious for August to arrive. Love and kisses to Millie and her sisters.

    • Millie LaRue

      04.05.2019 at 16:04 Reply

      We will see how many people from the Gettysburg area contact us and plan a get-together one afternoon while we are there.

    • millie larue

      27.05.2019 at 17:15 Reply

      Ms Pamela… will you please contact us privately with your email address and cell phone number so that we can contact you when the time gets closer and we can try to meet up with you? We are getting our travel list together now because we will not be able to work on the list once our trip starts.

  • Agi Jakab

    04.05.2019 at 15:23 Reply

    Sounds like a busy fun summer. Everything is planned out. But as you said. Things happen plans change. Take lots of pictures. Can’t wait to read your adventures. Love ALL of you.

  • dianne mcneely

    04.05.2019 at 15:23 Reply

    Has Mummy retired? Looks like it’s going to be an exciting & historical trip. Enjoy & learn a lot.

    • Millie LaRue

      04.05.2019 at 16:03 Reply

      Yes… she retired shortly before our Grandma passed away. She wanted to spend more time with her but sadly it did not happen that way. 😥💔😥

  • Susan Thomas

    04.05.2019 at 15:52 Reply

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I am going to meet you for sure when you visit Gettysburg!!!! How exciting!!! AND Mr. Ed’s Elephant museum isn’t that far from Gettysburg! *hint* *hint* I’ve stayed in almost all the camp grounds in Gettysburg they are very nice!! You will have a wonderful time!

    • millie larue

      27.05.2019 at 17:18 Reply

      Ms Susan will you please contact us privately with your cell phone number and email address so that we can contact you when the time gets closer? We are setting up our travel list at this time. We cant work on it once our trip begins.

  • Laurie Heikoff

    04.05.2019 at 16:02 Reply

    Sounds like a wonderful trip!!! Have a great time, little Millie!!! 😘. If you ever travel to California, I would love to meet all of you!!!

    • millie larue

      27.05.2019 at 17:19 Reply

      We went the California for the past two years so we are doing the eastern USA this year.

  • Jeanie Drane

    04.05.2019 at 16:09 Reply

    Awwwww,not coming my way,so sad,but have a great time,sounds like great plans for vacation,love u all be blest. Prayers for safe travels ,for all the places u all travel too,glad there are those will get to meet u ,I know they are so e xcited,im happy for them and u,u girls sure enjoy traveling, ,God bless u all much love and prayers sent u to u all!!!!!

  • Sharon Terrel

    04.05.2019 at 16:29 Reply

    We look forward to seeing your adventures on your summer vacation. Be safe and have a blast.

  • Jan krisher

    04.05.2019 at 16:37 Reply

    Sounds like a summer of fun unfortunately you guys are not close enough to come visit maybe another time we live in Canada just above the Idaho have a pawsome time Love and Hugs MaggieMay

  • Cathy Moser

    04.05.2019 at 17:05 Reply

    Looks like no Memphis this year. 😢😢
    Would love to get a signed copy of your cookbook.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your photos and I’m praying for safe travels.

    • millie larue

      04.05.2019 at 17:19 Reply

      We were just in Memphis in February and March but I am sure we will be back there sometime this year since all of our relatives live there.

  • Judy Alter

    04.05.2019 at 17:17 Reply

    Looks like a great trip planned. I have always wanted to head east. I will be looking forward to the posts.

  • Patricia L. Smith

    04.05.2019 at 17:44 Reply

    Sounds like a full and exciting summer. We send prayers for safe travels. 💖

  • Karren Waymire

    04.05.2019 at 17:56 Reply

    Great trip..Wishing you the best

  • Susie Campbell

    04.05.2019 at 18:23 Reply

    Sounds like a you are going to have a great time and be very busy!!

  • Michelle Long

    04.05.2019 at 19:17 Reply

    I live in Roanoke Rapids, NC and would so enjoy meeting you When you know a time and location please let me know Thanks

    • Millie LaRue

      05.05.2019 at 12:46 Reply

      We will only be there overnight but hopefully will arrive early enough to meet with you. I will let you know. Please “contact us” through our email here with your email address and phone number and full name and we will put you on our travel list.

    • millie larue

      27.05.2019 at 17:25 Reply

      Ms Michelle we are setting up our list of friends to visit on our trip. If you would like to visit with us we need you to contact us privately with your cell phone number and email address. We are only staying overnight in Roanoke Rapids but we will do what we can to meet up with you… possibly at our campsite? Please contact us. We will not be reaching out to people once we leave on our trip as it is too time consuming trying to find everyone so we are doing all of this in advance of departure. 😘😘

  • Betsy Ann Dressler

    04.05.2019 at 21:10 Reply

    Sure would LOVE to meet up with you again. Closest to me would be Gettysburg, so I’ll have to map my route there and get my GPS ready. YAY Love to you and safe travels. Look forward to all your photos and stories.

    • millie larue

      27.05.2019 at 17:27 Reply

      Ms Betty Ann… we are going to meet a few friends in Gettysburg so please contact us privately with your cell phone number and email address so that we can contact you about a meetup day. We cant wait to see you!

  • Patricia Hunt

    04.05.2019 at 22:08 Reply

    Oh how i wish you were stopping in Ct. I would love to meet you all in person.
    I am minutes from I-95. Let me know if there is a chance. Safe travels.

    • millie larue

      27.05.2019 at 17:29 Reply

      What city do you live in?

  • Kay Ankeny

    05.05.2019 at 00:11 Reply

    Sounds like a great schedule for the East coast. We met with you 2 years ago in Hershey, Pa. Glad to see have Gordonville,Pa on your schedule , as you will be spending time in Lancaster County. There is so much to see there in the heart of Amish country. Hugs ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sandy Greenwood

    05.05.2019 at 00:35 Reply

    Sounds like a fun trip ! Hope next year you might come back to the west coast area would love to meet you !

  • Deborah Bright

    05.05.2019 at 02:53 Reply

    Your itinerary looks exciting. Looking forward to all your reports of your fun times in your Airstream Yorkie Exoress.

    I live in Franklin TN just south of Nashville. If you are ever in that area someday maybe I can meet you with my yorkie Coco.

    I love your photos and descriptions of everything you see and experience on your travels. It’s like being there. Thanks for sharing!

  • Joan Marie Schneller

    05.05.2019 at 05:13 Reply

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. looking forward to your posts. Travel safe.

  • Fran Stanley

    06.05.2019 at 01:21 Reply

    What a wonderful trip Millie!!!!!! Sounds like so much fun!!!!’

  • Jill Stroh

    08.05.2019 at 01:54 Reply

    Dear Millie,
    What a great trip for you and your sisters and Mummy and Daddy! You’re going to an area I haven’t explored much, but hope to soon, so I’ll look forward to your photos and stories. Front Royal is supposed to be beautiful–I’m glad you’re going there. Have fun and be safe. Kiss kiss.


  • Lynn

    08.05.2019 at 16:45 Reply

    This looks like an adventure filled trip. Wish I could be there for a meetup, but Lacie, Breeze and I will be in Brittany at our summer home. Looking forward to reading all about your adventures and seeing pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Hugs, stay travels.

  • Dawn Dupuis

    09.05.2019 at 19:41 Reply

    I wish you were staying in CT. I know you would love Old Mystic Village. The Honey Shop called Sticky Situations is very dog friendly as well as most shops in the Village. Your summer vacation sounds like a lot of fun! If you have the time Kennebunkport, Maine is lovely as well as Chatham and many other towns located along Route 1. Also the flea markets along Route 1 are great! Enjoy your trip and yummy Lobster and keep your eyes open for homemade blueberry pie. Oh yes, the blueberry tea is wonderful too!! One year my hubby and I started our trip in Kitterey, Maine and took Route 1 all the way to the Canadian Boarder…..so much to see along that Route and off the beaten path. Acadia National Park is awesome too. Boothbay Harbor is great as well 😉 Have a wonderful time exploring and enjoying your wonderful vacation.

    • millie larue

      27.05.2019 at 17:31 Reply

      We will be visiting Mystic and Kennebunkport and lots of the places you mentioned!!! 👍

  • Rev kennyhaddock

    11.05.2019 at 01:59 Reply

    Good luck Millie safe travels

  • Linda Young

    15.05.2019 at 02:34 Reply

    Millie, I wish we lived close to your travels but we don’t. Maybe next year!

  • Sandy McDonald

    16.05.2019 at 02:04 Reply

    We are clear out here in Arizona and July and August is sweltering so we spend out time in the pool and in air conditioning. I love the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida, but summer is hot and humid there too. Virginia is beautiful. I have never been to Maine or Rhode Island. Safe journeys to you.

  • Jeanne Luther

    26.05.2019 at 18:43 Reply

    Sounds like a wonderful vacation..I know you’ll have fun. Someday come toward Indiana..

  • Terry Lubar

    26.05.2019 at 19:15 Reply

    Will be thrilled to hear about your adventures b happy Memorial Day

  • Joan Evans

    02.06.2019 at 14:31 Reply

    So looking forward to following your road trip. Enjoy 😘

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