PARIS!!! Here I Come!

OH MY GOSH!  In one week I will be in PARIS!  For the entire month of May I will be exploring the most beautiful and romantic city in the world…sampling the foods, meeting the locals and shopping!  I want everyone to enjoy the experience with me and I will be playing some fun games here on my BLOG, for a chance to win some really cool prizes from PARIS!  As I explore the city each day, I will describe EVERYTHING to you in detail…the good AND the bad.  We will practice our french words together and hopefully the Parisians will smile at our mistakes and know that we are really trying.  Check back with me every day as I am preparing to leave and struggle to get ONE MONTH’S worth of clothing and essentials  into 2 suitcases..which if you know my Mummy…is really IMPOSSIBLE!  We have repacked the suitcases once already, removing several items in order to make room for things..but still…it won’t all fit.  So tonight, we will try again and remove another round of clothing! UGGGGHHHHH


  • Deborah Orndorff

    29.04.2015 at 17:16 Reply

    if you roll up some of the clothes that don’t wrinkle much you can get more in the suitcase I have done this several times enjoy you trip and be safe have a safe and pawsome trip

  • Bethe Austin

    29.04.2015 at 17:28 Reply

    Remember….so much “shopping ” there….
    Tee hee xxxxx have a super duper beautiful time

    • Darsey Mitchell

      29.04.2015 at 23:10 Reply

      Ms. Bethe…the SUBSCRIBE button is all set up for the BLOG now….sorry about that. a little glitch 🙂

  • Maggie mcMann

    29.04.2015 at 18:10 Reply

    wishing you a trip that delights and makes many happy memories. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Sandy Fortin

    29.04.2015 at 18:23 Reply

    cant wait to follow your adventures. Wish I could come. Have a great trip

  • Shannon henderson

    29.04.2015 at 19:23 Reply

    Millie hope you and mummy have a great trip.
    Can’t wait to read everyday .

  • Vicki Entze

    29.04.2015 at 21:44 Reply

    Have a wonderful time. Can you post some pictures too? Would love to see what your talking about whole you are their.

    • Darsey Mitchell

      29.04.2015 at 23:09 Reply

      Yes, Ms. Vicki…we will be posting LOTS of pictures so that we can show everyone around Paris as we experience everything!

  • Peggy D. Auffarth

    30.04.2015 at 01:48 Reply

    Enjoy and Be Safe Have Fun ,Love Ya !!!

  • Brenda Van Valen

    05.05.2015 at 19:49 Reply

    Hi Millie,

    Just remember to either leave room for all the beautiful things you will buy in Paris, so ship stuff home while you are there. Send us lots of pictures and updates so we know you got there safely, and of all your fun!!!!!! Safe blessed travels little girl!!!

    • Darsey Mitchell

      05.05.2015 at 20:30 Reply

      Thank you ms. Brenda…I cant wait to get there and tell you all about everything!!!

  • Gayle Hope

    06.05.2015 at 00:25 Reply

    Found your blog but not where to sign up…will look around and find it. Cannot wait for pictures and stories of your adventures. Have a wonderful time. I do believe the rules regarding baggage and weight are far to stringent. ..
    Not allowing for nearly enough items let alone toom for shopping…safe travels

  • Jeanne Luther

    25.04.2018 at 18:20 Reply

    I also found your Blog,but no subscribe. Don’t want to miss all the excitment of Paris.?❤

    • Darsey Mitchell

      28.04.2018 at 01:41 Reply

      The SUBSCRIBE BOX is at the bottom of the home page.

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