• Donna Remeta

    01.01.2019 at 15:49 Reply

    When I’m sick my Yankee cuddles up next to me. Feel better Mummy! 💋💋

  • Crista Banks

    02.01.2019 at 02:04 Reply

    When I’m sick my girls snuggle up in bed with me. <3

  • Laurie Piazza-howard

    02.01.2019 at 20:52 Reply

    Ms. Millie, you are the perfect nurse for your mummy. I know with you, and your gang by her side she will be back to her self in no time 💞🐾

  • Tania Rodriquez

    02.01.2019 at 22:48 Reply

    Poor mummy!! Hope she feels better soon! You are a good nurse!

  • Ilona Mihai

    03.01.2019 at 02:22 Reply

    Oh your poor momma! Has she been to doctor? We all been praying ups storm for her! What on earth is the matter! You stay real close to you ‘cuz if all your love can’t make her better she know how much we all love her! You are the best medicine for her!

  • Jill Stroh

    06.01.2019 at 03:26 Reply

    Oh Darcy, I’m so sorry that you’re sick! I know you’re staying home (and away from your little neonates) while you recover. Millie, you’re doing the exact right thing! Your Mummy will be better soon. My little Ivy does the same…she’s very caring and wants me to feel better, just like you want your Mummy to feel better. Some Parisian tea with honey might help that cough.

  • Fran Stanley

    27.01.2019 at 02:20 Reply

    Darcy hope you ate feeling better. You certainly have excellent nursing care!

  • Jill Stroh

    20.03.2019 at 20:06 Reply

    It’s been a while. since I have visited your website Millie. I hope you are all well. Happy Spring!

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