This is How We Pack!

June 8, 2019


Mummy is often asked how she goes about packing the four of us yorkies up for a long trip such as the TWO-MONTH-LONG summer excursion we are embarking on in just a few weeks.  Well, this is how it’s done!  First, she lays out all of the harnesses that she thinks we will need for the trip, then she matches them up with the co-ordinating hairbows… because REALLY you MUST HAVE a matching hairbow!!!  We used to carry matching leashes with us but that got to be too much of a problem, and since we mainly travel in our stroller, we really just use a basic black leash for our walks… but we take a few extras for the car as back-ups in case we misplace one or two.  Our clothes are placed in little plastic bins and kept in the overbed storage space of our AIRSTREAM.  Mummy carries only ONE doggie shoulder bag in case one of us needs special attention for some reason… you just never know when that shoulder bag will come in handy.  A few pairs of PJs are included for chilly nights and several blankies are needed for spreading on the bed and sofa.  As far as grooming needs, there are just the normal things: rubber bands, combs, scissors, shampoo and conditioner, breath spray and Mummy’s homemade body spray.  We have a little pop-up baby bathtub that goes into the shower for taking baths and that is stored under the big bed and used for our once-a-week baths that Mummy says are REQUIRED when we travel in order to keep everyone smelling their best and the AIRSTREAM smelling fresh too!  Below I have included our schedule.  If we happen to be coming through your city and you are interested in meeting up with us, we would LOVE to see you.  Please CONTACT US BEFORE we leave on our trip with your cell number and email address, otherwise, we have no way of reaching out to you.  You can reach us privately by emailing us at:   We look forward to meeting some of you this summer.  KISS KISS


July 1st… leave home

July 1… arrive Roanoake Rapids, NC (overnight stay only)

July 2… Williamsport, MD (overnight stay only)

July 3-7… Gordonville, PA (4 nights)

July 7-11… Phelps, NY (4 nights)

July 11… Westhampton, Mass (overnight only)

July 12-16… Bradford, RI (4 nights)

July 16-21… Bellingham, Mass (5 nights)

July 21-26… Salisbury, Mass (5 nights)

July 26-30… Saco, Maine (4 nights)

July 30-August 7… Orland, Maine (8 nights)

August 7-10… Tamworth, NH (3 nights)

August 10-13… Lanesborough, Mass (3 nights)

August 13-19… Greenfield Park, NY (6 nights)

August 19-21…Gettysburg, PA (2 nights)

August 21-23… Front Royal, VA (2 nights)

August 23-26…Alderson, WV (3 nights)

August 26… Charlotte, NC (overnight only)

August 27… RETURN HOME





    08.06.2019 at 13:33 Reply

    I miss seeing your little faces every day.

    • Millie LaRue

      08.06.2019 at 14:05 Reply

      I am so happy that you found us here on our very own webpage! Hardly anyone was even SEEING us anymore on FB because we had been basically blocked from circulation unless Mummy was willing to PAY FB to circulate every single post we made. Obviously that was not possible. We don’t make any money on the page and the time and energy it was taking to keep it going for no one to even see it anymore was becoming too stressful. FB was deleting about 100 friends a week from our page in an attempt to “blackmail” us into paying to get our circulation back and after about 8 years and 46,000 friends… we just walked away from the page. Mummy won’t be blackmailed by anyone… not even FACEBOOK!

      • judy linder

        08.06.2019 at 22:52 Reply

        Mummy is doing the right thing! No one should be blackmailed.

    • Brenda Miller

      08.06.2019 at 15:43 Reply

      I can’t wait to hear about your travels!

  • Leslie Young

    08.06.2019 at 14:04 Reply

    So cute! Have a safe trip!

  • Judy Alter

    08.06.2019 at 14:18 Reply

    Looks like a great trip! I don’t live in the east but I’ll follow along right here.

  • Janet Shiels

    08.06.2019 at 14:18 Reply

    Safe travels and enjoy. 😊💞

  • Charlette Koger

    08.06.2019 at 14:33 Reply

    Looks like it’s going to be a fun trip. Love all The harnesses. They will be beautiful. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures of your trip. Not coming close to Albany, Kentucky. Safe Travels ❗️
    ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 🐾🐾🐾🐾

  • Patricia L. Smith

    08.06.2019 at 14:39 Reply

    Your Mom is a very organized Lady. She has thought of everything to keep you all sweet and glamorous .

  • Alison & Pebbles

    08.06.2019 at 14:57 Reply

    So excited to follow you on your big trip! Do you think that your mom would share the recipe for the body spray. Mom says sometimes I smell like a wet sweater so it would be nice to have a spray for in between the baths.
    Your paw pal, 💝Pebbles

    • Millie LaRue

      08.06.2019 at 15:12 Reply

      Yes! Of course we will share it! We will do a post this weekend and share it under our RECIPES section for everyone! It literally takes ONE MINUTE to make and is all natural! She uses it on us every day. 😘😘

  • Mary Ann Dahl

    08.06.2019 at 15:06 Reply

    Your mommy is so organized! We love all your matching outfits. Our mommy is going to get us a stroller for going on walks because of all the people that don’t keep their big dogs locked up! Have a great vacation. We will be watching for your adventures

    Molly and Abby

    • millie larue

      08.06.2019 at 15:14 Reply

      After several years of having NO STROLLER because Daddy refused to get one, he FINALLY saw the benefits of having one and is soooo happy that we have it now!

  • Debbie

    08.06.2019 at 15:16 Reply

    Thank you for sharing this post! If I can, I will reach out to you to meet up in NH. Thank you Debbie Fisk

  • Angela Cuozzo

    08.06.2019 at 16:33 Reply

    Wow!!! Love this!! ❤️😘

  • Phyllis Singler

    08.06.2019 at 17:38 Reply

    Maybe next time you will be closer. We just moved from Philadelphia to NJ a/k/a Jersey Shore. We will be following you. Safe and happy travels

    • Millie LaRue

      08.06.2019 at 18:31 Reply

      Well, I think that the bottom of PA is as close as we are getting to your area. This was our year to do the EASTERN AREA of the USA so I’m not sure we will get back this way anytime soon but maybe! There are sooo many beautiful things to see. Rhode Island had LOTS of pretty areas but it took us too far off the path that we were on so we had to leave it off… that was saf. The trip is already TWO MONTHS LONG and we had to just cut back somewhere.

  • Kay Ankeny

    08.06.2019 at 17:39 Reply

    Sure sounds like Mommy has you all organize for your trip. Being organized really is necessary for a long trip such as you all are taking, this way everyone can be assure a good time. Just have a great trip. I will be following along. Hugs ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lynn Davis

    08.06.2019 at 18:56 Reply

    LOL! You are a super efficient packer! It’s a good thing Mummy has your supervisory skills to help her! ❤

  • Becky Lansing

    08.06.2019 at 20:57 Reply

    Driving route ✔️
    Food ✔️
    Packing clothes ✔️
    Now remind me, what does daddy do?
    Luv you all, including Mark who must maneuver this rolling Yorkie tank around the east coast. Kiss Kiss 😘

  • Deborah Bright

    08.06.2019 at 22:09 Reply

    Millie ask your Mummy to share the recipe for her homemade body spray for you girls. I think it would be great for my Coco. I look forward to following along on your adventures. You always have such fun in your Yorkie Express Airstream.

    • millie larue

      08.06.2019 at 22:26 Reply

      I will post the recipe this weekend in the RECIPES SECTION of our website. You will love it. It is soooo easy and we use it every day!

  • Faye Lawrence

    08.06.2019 at 23:27 Reply

    I never realized how much planning & packing needed to travel. Love you babies. Your not going to be close to where I live in Ohio. Happy travels 😍

  • Carol Copeland

    09.06.2019 at 00:26 Reply

    Love all the matching harnesses! I miss you on FB too, but happy you didn’t give in to their demands. I do miss Millie’s Sunday message, which I always shared! I will be following along here on your trip! Hope there are pictures and videos. I still chuckle remembering the field of dreams video!

  • Nanette Baker

    09.06.2019 at 02:53 Reply

    Looks like a fun trip! We head to Yellowstone in the 8th and we are working on our girlie stuff too. We hope to see you sometime soon. Sending love and puppy kisses! ❤🐶😘

  • Shannon Henderson

    09.06.2019 at 04:38 Reply

    Looks like a fun trip. I live Pensacola FL have to wait for you to come this far. Your mommy is smart packer. Can’t wait to follow y’all.

  • Pupcake Tran

    09.06.2019 at 04:54 Reply

    Have fa blast trip Girls! <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Candi Hearn

    09.06.2019 at 06:17 Reply

    Miss Millie, it sounds like a great trip you have planned. Wonderful places to visit. XOXO

  • Jane Hembree

    09.06.2019 at 10:10 Reply

    So happy to hear you are off on another adventure. It will be so much fun to follow along. Thank you.

  • Rev kennyhaddock

    09.06.2019 at 12:15 Reply

    Safe travels Millie come to Missouri and see us sometimes

  • Mary Hamilton

    09.06.2019 at 13:20 Reply

    So organized! You will have so much fun! And we love “traveling” with you! What does mummy do to protect you from nasty flees or ticks? We need something better then we’ve been doing. Our yard is safe, but not the rest of the world!

  • Cathy Merrill

    09.06.2019 at 20:37 Reply

    We would love to meet up with you when you are in Bellingham MA. That is about an hour from us. This would would out great.. Let us Know if with would work for you.. Thanks. Cathy and the Yorkies

  • Wendy Scoggins

    09.06.2019 at 23:25 Reply

    I think about the closest you’ll be to me is North Carolina and that still 4 or 5 hours away but maybe will catch you on some other trip! I love packing for trips for the babies! I have little totes that I keep over the bed storage. of course, I’ve never gone on a 2 month long trip, but we seem to pack fairly similarly. Gotta dress those cute little babies! And your girls are so adorable!

  • Bobbie

    10.06.2019 at 00:48 Reply

    Any plans for a No. California Trip?

    • Millie LaRue

      10.06.2019 at 00:55 Reply

      We have actually been to California TWICE NOW… on two very long trips and been up and down that beautiful coast… meeting lots and lots of our friends. This year we decided to do the EAST COAST.

  • Ina Rohde

    10.06.2019 at 03:00 Reply

    Looking forward to stream lining across the country with you. Exciting!

  • Susan Thomas

    10.06.2019 at 10:50 Reply

    I absolutely plan on seeing you when you are in Gettysburg! I know you will love your visit there! I’ll email you my phone #’s to reach me. I can’t wait I’m so excited! xoxoxoxoxoxox

  • DeAnn Kraichely

    10.06.2019 at 15:02 Reply

    Millie, I keep watching every year for your trip to the Ozarks 🙂

  • Dawn Dupuis

    10.06.2019 at 18:57 Reply

    Millie, your mummy is very well organized, just like my mommy. My mommy loves learning all the great ideas your mummy has. From now on she will be packing our clothes in clear plastic bins when traveling. She wishes you all were coming to Connecticut so she and my daddy could meet up with you. She wants to introduce you to our new baby sister named Hyacinth Honeysuckle. But she so understands, there is only so much time and planning a route is very time consuming to be able to get to your destinations. Your summer sure sounds like so much fun. We look forward to hearing about your adventures. Loves Lila Pearl

    • millie larue

      10.06.2019 at 20:44 Reply

      I think we will be visiting a few areas in the very southern area of CT.

  • Monica Karroum

    13.06.2019 at 12:57 Reply

    Such an Organized Mummy you have!!! All Looks pretty!! and I will be following your amazing two month Trip!!! Big Kissesssssss

  • Jill Stroh

    27.06.2019 at 03:54 Reply

    Dear Millie and Mummy,

    I’m thrilled that you’re embarking on another adventure, and sad that I won’t be able to meet up with you this summer. That being said, you’re going to visit some wonderful places up and down the east coast and it’s going to be a lovely trip for all of you! Safe travels, and I look forward to reading about your adventures. Kiss kiss.

    • millie larue

      27.06.2019 at 14:24 Reply

      Thank you… we are looking forward to our summer AIRSTREAM trip and I’m sure we will have many adventures to post on our website. 😘😘


    29.06.2019 at 15:31 Reply

    Can’t wait to hear all about your travels this summer!! Safe travels in the meantime. Only a few more days and you’re off! Have a wonderful time😎😎

    • millie larue

      29.06.2019 at 16:06 Reply

      I knowwwww! We are all getting excited! We can feel something in the air and every time the door is opened we RUN FOR IT in case someone leaves us behind!!! Lololol

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