Visiting SPRINGWOOD HOUSE in Hyde Park

August 14, 2019


Here in Hyde Park, New York, there is a very important house worth taking a tour if you find yourself in the area. As is the case with most historic residences and mansions, they are not doggie friendly OR stroller friendly! Mummy and Daddy went to see Springwood House, which was the lifelong home of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and they said not only was it very interesting, but they learned quite a bit about our 32nd President.


1. Built in 1826, SPRINGWOOD HOUSE sits on 700 acres and remains almost exactly as it was at the time of President Roosevelt’s death in 1945. Roosevelt’s home was actually owned by his mother Sara, and she lived there with him and his family until her death in 1941. Franklin and Eleanor married in 1905 but she never really liked it there at Springwood House, and regarded it  as the domain of her mother-in-law. He contracted polio in 1921 at the age of 39 and was paralyzed from the waist down. He always held out hope for a cure but was never able to walk again unaided. When Franklin wanted to enlarge the home to accommodate his growing family, he had to ask permission of his mother! Being her only child, of course she agreed-but still-he couldn’t do anything without her permission because the house belonged to her!!! VERY INTERESTING 😳😬 Eleanor and Franklin built “Val-Kill” in 1926, as a retreat for Eleanor, in the eastern section of the Roosevelt estate, and she would remain there and pursue her interests in world peace and human rights after the President’s death.


2. This was called “The Chintz Room” and was used by Franklin and Eleanor until the south wing was added in 1915. It was later used as a guest room. Queen Elizabeth was one of many celebrated guests to use this room.


3. Sara Delano Roosevelt called this room “The Snuggery” and had her breakfast served here every morning, then gave the orders for the day to the servants. She was often found at her desk paying bills, keeping the estate accounts and corresponding with friends. Most of the furniture in this room has been in the house since the turn of the 19th century.


4. This was the huge living room that had stairs leading down to this level. A fold-up ramp was made to accommodate Franklin’s wheelchair, but as soon as he entered the room, he would be moved into a regular chair and the ramp would be folded up and stored out of sight!!! By looking at the house, you  would NEVER KNOW that a handicapped person lived here. His bedroom was on the second floor and he used a large luggage lift to HAND PULL his own weight up to the second floor several times a day!!! FDR went to great lengths to live as normal a life as possible and keep his disability from the public. Many people never even knew that he could not walk until AFTER HIS DEATH! When reporters came to the house for interviews, he would be placed in a chair in this room, his legs would be crossed for him by an aide, his shoes would be scuffed up and grass and sand would be would be scattered around the cuff of his pants to make it look as if he had been walking around his property!!! He would sit… casually posed… until the reporter left, and then his aide would reposition him to his liking. All photographs were shown of him professionally posed in seated positions or standing… but he was always standing next to 2-3 people so you never really noticed that the people were actually holding him up! No reporters were allowed to photograph him getting in or out of his car… it was a “gentleman’s agreement!” LOLOLOLOLOL THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN NOW!!!! If by some chance a photograph WAS TAKEN… FDR’s aides would approach the photographer and demand his film! 😯📸👎


5. This was the actual bedroom and THE BED where FDR was born on Monday, January 30, 1882. He is said to have weighed “10 pounds… without clothes.” The birth was very difficult and almost killed Sara. Franklin was her only child and the two of them were very close their entire lives.


6. This was FDR’s bedroom and he chose this location in the new wing because of the sweeping views of the Hudson River and the mountains. He and Eleanor shared the room until his attack of infantile paralysis. The telephone on the wall was a secretly coded telephone with a direct line to the White House during WWII.


7. FDR and Eleanor are both buried here at Springwood House in the Rose Garden. The President died from a stroke at Warm Springs, Georgia on April 12, 1945. President Roosevelt was our only President to be elected to 4 terms before it was changed to a 2-term maximum. While in office he established many programs that helped to improve the lives of Americans, like: Social Security, the Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the establishment of minimum wage and unemployment insurance.


Now here is something interesting that our parents did not know. When at a summer resort at the age of 39, FDR had been swimming and hiking and enjoying the outdoors. He began to feel tired and develop muscle aches over several days… but he thought that he had just over-done things. He walked upstairs one day and found himself paralyzed the next morning… never to walk again. As it turned out, 5 other boy scouts who were also on vacation that week, at the same location, also developed polio!!!

FDR refused to just succumb to the disease and always felt that he would walk again. He did develop a shuffling, twisting-type movement that could be accomplished with help from supporters at his side, but he never walked alone again.

He heard about a clinic in Warm Springs, Georgia that had warm, healing waters that were supposed to be therapeutic… so he headed down to the clinic. Once he got there he was SHOCKED at the deplorable condition of the establishment, but saw there were so many people from all socio-economic levels there who were searching for a miracle cure… so he spent 3/4 of his trust fund and BOUGHT THE PLACE! He immediately began refurbishing it into a state of the art facility. There were donation boxes set up at the spa asking for “dimes,” and people from far and wide would bring their “dimes” to deposit in these donation boxes to help pay for therapies for those unable to pay. People started calling this parade of people bringing in their dimes as “the march of dimes” and that is how THE MARCH OF DIMES got started! But to take it one step further, when the USA redesigned the “dime,” they replaced the Liberty Head face with the face of Franklin Delano Roosevelt… who to this day remains as the face on the dime because of his work to help with polio!!! WOW… just WOW! 👍😘🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️


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  • Bobbie

    14.08.2019 at 15:08 Reply

    Wow – Very Interesting – Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 15:26 Reply

      It was a lovely house and our parents learned a lot! 🤗

  • Debra

    14.08.2019 at 15:30 Reply

    Wow Very interesting! I didn’t get yesterdays post so I will look back. Thank you!

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 15:48 Reply

      It was a beautiful house full of interesting history! 😘❤️🤗

  • Sharon Hook

    14.08.2019 at 15:30 Reply

    Good Morning,
    Well that adventure sure sounds interesting. So Millie you and your sisters had a down day which probavly was not all that bad. You could all rest for your adventure today. Have fun and be safe.

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 15:43 Reply

      Our parents really enjoyed their visit but they came to get us after the tour and we all went for a drive thru the pretty mountains in the area. This is a beautiful part of New York!! 😘🤗❤️

  • Jeanie Drane

    14.08.2019 at 15:39 Reply

    Oh my ,wowza that is so interesting,,i sure didnt know any history behind him. Wow what a mansion,beautiful furniture, i dire never knew he was parslized this is so interresting,to develpe polio from swimming and a few others in the same waters, its on fb now do not let pets swim in blue ponds or lakes ,its soethibg in thr eater killing them. Wonder if they woukd have got into something in the water, ?im houng to read ur post again its so interesting, and her mother in law running ,the place, im shocked at his being paralized and the servents keeping it all a secret to yhr public,lnow for sure wasnt any fb in those days,!!!! Prayers for safety, love u all,love thst big bed!!!!!wow im blown away ,thanks got all the history love and kiss kiss to the sweet girls, guess he didnt have a furbsby, sad he didnt have a yorkie, would hsve helped him get through life, as they our our lifes love u all

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 15:45 Reply

      Actually he DID have a furbaby! A very famous black scottie named Fala!!!! Our parents bought us a little stuffie “Fala” from the gift shop!!!

  • Betty White

    14.08.2019 at 15:45 Reply

    Very interesting as I did not know a lot of this

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 15:47 Reply

      They learned a lot of history here!!! FDR was a good President and did lots of great things for our country! 😘👍🤗

  • Jeanie Drane

    14.08.2019 at 15:52 Reply

    That place of healing waters is about 6 hrs from me i heard about it for many yrs. People from sll states go tjere,for the healing of the waters ,,they say its mskes them feel better i will read up on it ,but that is so strange about how he got polio fron that lake and 5 kids did something could have been in that water,guess we will never know but i just read yhe other day a beautiful. Furbaby was swimming with his owner the photo was a beautiful blue pond. The vet saidcnot let fur babys in treatef waters it was so sad😢😢love u all💗💗💗💗💗😘😘😘😘😘🙏🏾🙏🙏🏾🙏🙏🏾🙏🙏🏾🙏🙏🏾🙏🙏🙏🏾😘😘😘🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 15:58 Reply

      It was a beautiful house and so full of history! Everything was just as he left it when he died… so well preserved! 😘❤️🤗

  • Jeanie Drane

    14.08.2019 at 15:58 Reply

    I will never look at the dime ever agsin without thinking about all of this, thank u im blowed away,thinking about all of this,prayers and love to all😘😘😘😘🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾💕💕💕💕💕🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🙏😘😘😘😘🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾😘😘🐾🐾

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 16:03 Reply

      I know!!! We had no idea either!!!! 😳

  • Mary Hamilton

    14.08.2019 at 15:59 Reply

    Wow! I’ve heard many stories about FDR. He did a lot and overcame a lot as well. I had never heard about the other boys that got paralyzed as well! Thank you for sharing this!!!

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 16:04 Reply

      I know… our parents learned about it on the tour!!! 😳

  • Susan Thomas

    14.08.2019 at 16:02 Reply

    That is very interesting about the March of Dimes I didn’t know that either! I didn’t know he had polio and was paralyzed until recent years they really hid that information well and you’re right that wouldn’t be even possible in today’s society where everyone takes photos of everything! LOL That flower room is a little busy for me LOL I don’t think I would be able to fall asleep in there! LOL

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 16:05 Reply

      The tour guide shared sooo many interesting stories!!!! It was such a great tour! 😘❤️🤗

  • Laurie Heikoff

    14.08.2019 at 16:19 Reply

    Wow, what a beautiful house, and amazing history! What courage FDR had! Thank you for sharing this, little Millie!! 😘

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 16:56 Reply

      It was soooo interesting. I hope you get a chance to visit there one day. 😘😘

  • Bethe Austin

    14.08.2019 at 16:30 Reply

    Wow! Love !

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 16:57 Reply

      It was fascinating! FDR was a really good President! 🤗👍

  • Bethe Austin

    14.08.2019 at 16:32 Reply

    Knew quite a bit from the PBS Documentary, but what fun to hear it from your visit and see the Photos! xx

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 16:57 Reply

      Ohhhh we will have to find that on PBS! 👍

  • Kimberly Mccain

    14.08.2019 at 17:26 Reply

    That was so interesting, I didn’t know about the march of dimes and alot of his history..

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 18:14 Reply

      They really enjoyed the tour there and learned so much!

  • Christine Flaherty

    14.08.2019 at 17:31 Reply

    So very interesting!!! I’ll look at the lowly dime differently from now on

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 18:14 Reply

      I know! They said the same thing!

  • Sherri Davis

    14.08.2019 at 18:22 Reply

    I really enjoyed your post today.. I love history and learning more about the Roosevelt’s was great. The house is beautiful on the outside. I am sure it was equally beautiful on the inside. I always heard about President Roosevelt going to Warm Springs but I never knew he put his own money into the facility! Thank u so much for all your details of your visits to the different places! I am so enjoying your trip!

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 23:48 Reply

      Our parents learned so much on this tour and loved the house! 😘❤️🤗

  • Patsy Smith

    14.08.2019 at 19:14 Reply

    Such an interesting story. Thank you for sharing. That house is beautiful. Safe travels for you all.

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 23:48 Reply

      Thank you… it was a very interesting tour and a beautiful house. ❤️

  • Lynn Davis

    14.08.2019 at 19:45 Reply

    Wow. So interesting! Thanks for sharing! ❤

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 23:49 Reply

      You are very welcome. I hope you get to see it one day. 😘❤️🤗

  • Amelia Rogers

    14.08.2019 at 19:46 Reply

    I always enjoy hearing from you and your babies but I still miss those videos so much they made me smile ♥️🤗♥️

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 23:50 Reply

      We will try to add a video to our posts every now and then… you will find the links in BLUE at the bottom of our posts when we have added one. I think we have done that on a few on this trip.

  • Amelia Rogers

    14.08.2019 at 19:48 Reply

    How do I get my picture to show up on here

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 23:51 Reply

      Someone said you need to edit it on your GOOGLE account

  • Bobbie Frye

    14.08.2019 at 19:59 Reply

    This was very interesting Millie, I really enjoyed all the pictures too!! Thank you for sharing!

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 23:52 Reply

      Thank you… my parents loved this tour! 😘❤️🤗

  • Shirley Skulimowski

    14.08.2019 at 20:25 Reply

    I am learning a lot of history from all of your posts. Really interesting and thank you 😊

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 23:52 Reply

      I know! We are too!!!! 🤗

  • Carol Copeland

    14.08.2019 at 20:56 Reply

    Cool history. I never knew he started the March of Dimes. My father’s father was a chiropractor massage therapist who used to treat him. There are letters in the family scrapbook from Elinor thanking him for coming. I only saw the scrapbook once but it was very cool seeing letters on White House stationery.

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 23:53 Reply

      WOW!!!! That is so interesting about your dad!!! 🤗❤️🤗

  • Dawn Dupuis

    14.08.2019 at 21:53 Reply

    I always wanted to go there. What a lovely place. FDR was one amazing President! Thank you for sharing this.

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 23:54 Reply

      Ohhhh I hope you get to See it one day!

  • Susan Nicol

    14.08.2019 at 23:19 Reply

    Sounds like mommy and daddy had a wonderful time touring the magnificent home .
    Boy oh boy Millie your mom doesn’t miss a thing.
    Everyone that reads the daily posts gets to see the country through your travels.
    I look forward everyday to learning more about our country.
    Looks you’re heading back home.
    Safe travels
    Oliver and mommy

    • millie larue

      14.08.2019 at 23:54 Reply

      They had a great time and learned so much! 😘❤️🤗

  • Marilyn Williams

    15.08.2019 at 00:02 Reply

    Did not know that about the March of Dimes. I remember the name but didn’t know the origin. That area of NY is beautiful. Enjoy your stay.

    • millie larue

      15.08.2019 at 02:51 Reply

      It is really gorgeous up here and the tour was very interesting!

  • Dianna Reynolds

    15.08.2019 at 00:55 Reply


    • millie larue

      15.08.2019 at 02:52 Reply

      Thank you… I hope that one day you can see it for yourself because it was very pretty. Well… my parents said it was. 😘❤️😘

  • Jill Stroh

    15.08.2019 at 02:15 Reply

    Dear Sweet Millie,

    I thought I knew a lot about FDR–my mother’s favorite president, but thanks to your Mummy and Daddy, and your excellent journaling skills, I have learned even more! This is a place I DO want to visit someday soon. Thank you Millie!

    • millie larue

      15.08.2019 at 02:53 Reply

      Ohhh I hope that you can go there because the tour guides tell you so much extra stuff!!! 😘❤️🤗

  • Sharon Terrel

    15.08.2019 at 11:55 Reply

    WOW… thanks for a great history lesson. How strange 6 Boy Scouts got polio that same weekend.

    • Millie LaRue

      16.08.2019 at 01:27 Reply

      I know! Mummy learned that on the tour! It was all very interesting!!! 🤗

  • Karen Cummings

    15.08.2019 at 14:14 Reply

    Fantastic Millie! So much I didn’t know. Thank you Millie for providing such educational information. You sure are a real smart Yorkie. ❤️

    • Millie LaRue

      16.08.2019 at 01:28 Reply

      Thank you! I did go to Puppy school at PetSmart with I was little… AND I have had private tutoring in behavior!!! 😂😂😂

  • Joan Evans

    15.08.2019 at 18:46 Reply

    Wow really interesting. Loving your trip. 😘

    • Millie LaRue

      16.08.2019 at 01:29 Reply

      Thank you… I am glad you are with us this summer. 😘❤️🤗

  • Sheila Allen

    16.08.2019 at 11:55 Reply

    Thank you for sharing your visit to FDRs house. So interesting. Loving to share your vacation. Also just wanted to let you know I got both of the posts for Burger King

    • millie larue

      16.08.2019 at 14:07 Reply

      I am so glad you are enjoying our posts. Thanks for letting us know you got the others… hardly anyone else got that one 😥 We spend so much time writing these posts so it is disappointing when no one sees them. Some of them can take as long as TWO HOURS to write with all of the research that is put into them. 😳 and then selecting the photos.

  • Susan Calvert

    16.08.2019 at 16:47 Reply

    Thank you so very much for the time and effort you put into each post. History is so much more interesting now, reading your posts, than it was in high school! Franklin Delano Roosevelt was quite man and role model.

    • Millie LaRue

      16.08.2019 at 16:54 Reply

      We are so glad yiu are enjoying our postes! We have learned so much on this trip too!!!! 😘😘

  • Sandy McDonald

    17.08.2019 at 21:56 Reply

    How interesting about the “March of Dimes”. I had no idea…I never thought of it. What a magnificent visit. I am sure had he been alive, he would have welcomed all of the Yorkies with open arms.

    • millie larue

      18.08.2019 at 06:13 Reply

      It was a great tour! He had a little black scottie dog named Fala that he LOVED so we know he was a doggie lover!!! 😘❤️🐶


    20.08.2019 at 04:47 Reply


    • Millie LaRue

      20.08.2019 at 05:52 Reply

      You are very welcome… we have loved having you along with us this summer. 😘😘

  • Monica Karroum

    25.08.2019 at 20:32 Reply

    I’m learning a LOT with your trip! 😉 Kissessss

    • Millie LaRue

      25.08.2019 at 21:07 Reply

      I am so glad that you are enjoying our posts. 😘❤️🐶🤗

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