What do YOU do on Saturday nights?

Weekends are SUPPOSED to be a time for relaxing and having fun… but at MY HOUSE, Mummy has decided that the weekends are a good time for BATHS!  We get a bath every single week because we are allowed to sit on the furniture and sleep in the ‘big bed,” so Mummy says that we need to smell fresh so we don’t “stink up the place.”  What the heck?  Our blankies get washed too… which is ACTUALLY a good thing because I DO LOVE A FRESH BLANKIE!  Sometimes she washes them TWICE a week if she gets a whiff of something unpleasant.  Tonight, I got the first bath.  Usually I am pretty quick about hiding under the furniture whenever I hear the water running in the sink.  This is MY CLUE that bath-time is coming… but tonight, I was napping and was caught off-guard.  DARN!!!  Well, at least mine is over and I can happily rejoice as I watch my sisters get carried one-by-one to the freshly filled sink.  They are hiding right now but Mummy has already spied them.  There is NO ESCAPING BATH NIGHT!  How often do YOU get bathed at YOUR house???  Do you like it?  Do you run and hide or just sit and wait?


  • Agi Jakab

    07.04.2019 at 02:08 Reply

    My precious Cody loves bath time. Becuz he loves the hair dryer on low. He will preen and dance. I can usually brush his hair at the same time. He’s a fiesty little guy. Considering he’s almost 11 yrs old. He was born on the 4th of July. I can still wash him in the sink. But he really loves the shower. He can run in and out of the water.

    • Millie LaRue

      07.04.2019 at 03:07 Reply

      WOW!!! It sounds like he does really like a bath!!! No one in our family likes them that much but we DO love how clean we feel AFTER it’s over!

  • dianne mcneely`

    07.04.2019 at 02:54 Reply

    Tonight, we have stayed in & just cuddled. Piper ‘s had two transfusions this weekend, due to her pancreatitis. She may need another one Monday. So, we’re just glad that she feels ok, still likes to walk & eat her homemade treats. Hope you all are doing well.

    • Millie LaRue

      07.04.2019 at 03:05 Reply

      I am so very sorry about Piper and I hope that she is feeling better soon!!!

  • Ruth airsman

    07.04.2019 at 03:32 Reply

    Millie I try to hide too but mommy finds me.

  • Lynn Garcia

    07.04.2019 at 03:53 Reply

    Saturday night is a relaxing time for us! We play with our toys for awhile, then fall asleep while mommy reads! We are allowed on the big bed too and we climb on mommy and go to sleep!

  • Joan Marie Schneller

    07.04.2019 at 04:03 Reply

    So glad the baths are over enjoy the evening. Took Lucky and Sparkey to the groomers today and they looks so cute. now we are relaxing and watchng TV . Love your new picture
    Say hello to your sisters. Hugs and kisses.

  • Elayne Shapiro

    07.04.2019 at 05:24 Reply

    Snuggle up and watch tv. A perfect night

  • Laurie Heikoff

    07.04.2019 at 05:32 Reply

    My mommy takes me once a month to my groomer for just a bath, and once a month to my groomer for bath, haircut and grooming. I like the lady who works on me, so it not so bad! I am always to happy when she picks me up, though!! You are so cute, little Millie!!! 😘

  • Carole Greene-Henderson

    07.04.2019 at 07:46 Reply

    We get our bath every week just like you! We like it because momma kisses us over and over while she is bathing us💕This is Miss Paris talking and I always go first. Momma puts a pink grooming pillow around my neck after I get my bath and I go to sleep and snore while momma is bathing Coco Chanel.

  • Joan Evans

    07.04.2019 at 09:36 Reply

    Hi. Before my little ones (hairless cresties) went across the bridge, they would have a warm shower every day. But the darling little pup we got from rescue is now a darling donkey and doesn’t fit in the shower so goes to groomers every couple of months for a bath. 🛁

  • Mary Hamilton

    07.04.2019 at 10:56 Reply

    I hide under the bed when I think
    It’s bath time, but mummy tricks me and gets me in that sink anyways! Usually on Sunday. Mario isn’t too fond of the bath either and goes crazy running and rubbing after his till he’s dry! I just shake and let mummy dry me. Our soft blankets gets washed every week and Mario gets mad cause just when he gets his smell on them mummy washes it! Kiss kiss

  • Pam Bertouille

    07.04.2019 at 11:00 Reply

    Sophie age 12 doesnt like baths all that much. Ellie our shorkie pup age 1 loves water. Not thrilled with the hair dryer but getting much better. Bet you all smell great 🙂

  • Babbalu B’Lo

    07.04.2019 at 13:25 Reply

    Saturday is our bath day also. 🐝 🐝 fights it but Baiba loves it. 🐝 🐝 is now the proud owner of a puppy cut. Because her hair mats. Our momma fixed THAT problem. She also mops the kitchen and washes our beds on bath day. She’s tired when all of that is finished.

  • Maggie mcMann

    07.04.2019 at 14:10 Reply

    Saturday is usually my bath day, too! Yesterday, I got my bath, then went to our pet-store and bought treats and food and the we went to Barkingham Park!

  • Deborah Bright

    07.04.2019 at 21:05 Reply

    Coco got to watch me change out my closet from winter to spring summer clothing this weekend. Her bath time will be sometime this next week. Coco likes the warm water of the bath but doesn’t like the drying routine with the hand held blow dryer.

  • Ruth Ann Noe

    07.04.2019 at 22:48 Reply

    My little Missy was 16 when she died on Feb 16. She got a bath every Sunday afternoon without fail. She HATED baths, so I’m sure she’s not missing them as she waits at the Rainbow Bridge. I get my sweet Yorkie fix reading about you and your sisters. Love you, Millie!!!

  • Rev kennyhaddock

    07.04.2019 at 22:52 Reply

    Little bug get a bath every 2 weeks me I get one a nghts

  • Billie Hall

    07.04.2019 at 23:30 Reply

    Hi Beautiful Maddie and Sissies, when I had Furbabies they all hated to get bathed. Love you Precious Furbabies.

  • Carol Copeland

    07.04.2019 at 23:49 Reply

    Olivia and Lulu get bathed about once a month. They don’t seem to mind it a bit!

  • Wendy Scoggins

    09.04.2019 at 02:05 Reply

    Mine get Baths weekly as well, unless something odd comes up. There is no sense having a little stinky dog in the bed with you! My 7 love the big bed!

  • Kay Sheets

    09.04.2019 at 22:59 Reply

    Daisy, Lucy and our little crazy year old Wire Hair Terrier Patty all get baths by their daddy every Sunday! Daisy and Lucy are Yorkies and have long hair so if they play with Patty outside on Sunday they get dirtier and sleeping in the big bed dirty is a no, no!!🤣 Daddy has to find Daisy she hides every time she hears daddy getting the hair drier and shampoo. So I’m always the first one. I don’t mind I like to smell good and look pretty. Everyone have wonderful weekends smelling good and looking pretty. Even better getting lots of hugs and kisses from your Mummy and Daddy. Love Lucy 🥰😘

  • Jeanne Luther

    10.04.2019 at 08:32 Reply

    Hi Millie , my three are not happy at all getting bathed. I usually have my youngest daughter round them up. I start with Teddy Bear. He’s our Yorkie and the smallest. Then to Sydney, shes chubby and gives the sink bath a challenge 😊 then Olivia, she’s a terrier mix and about 25 pounds so our youngest daughter bathes her in the shower.
    I’m sure their glad when it’s over. . Hugs to you all❤

  • Shannon Henderson

    10.04.2019 at 14:58 Reply

    Good morning Millie and sissies. Taz loves his bath he had bad experience with a groomer and his bath. He’s a little scittish now. He starting to love it again. He really likes to smell good.
    Dexter likes his and Walter well he’s not sure about it. He sits on his tail so I can’t wash his bottom. Have a wonderful day

  • Jeanie Drane

    10.04.2019 at 17:23 Reply

    We always spelled bath for lexis she caught on lol she would run under the bes lord sure miss her ,she was my world, but l love seeing all ur sweet fur babys,love u all!!!! Hope u are seeing my comments can u message me. Let me know

    • Millie larue

      10.04.2019 at 17:27 Reply

      Thank you for commenting … we love hearing from our friends! 😘😘

  • Jeanie Drane

    10.04.2019 at 20:29 Reply

    Did u get my comment hope I’m doing it right love u all

    • Millie larue

      10.04.2019 at 20:40 Reply

      Yes… you are doing everything perfectly 😘😘

  • Agi Jakab

    13.04.2019 at 03:23 Reply

    Hi Millie,
    Cody here to answer your fun question. Saturday is our fave day. We always go for a snack lunch on the beach. Take a long walk on the water’s edge. Mommy always promises to not pick shells. She tells Daddy. No bags. He smiles at her. Looks at me & winks. She will always find the perfect shell. And hours later we have bags full of shells. Now mind you these are the bags Mommy had said no to.
    After a nice day at the beach. We go home. Shower and clean up. Now its PIZZA time. We order and go thru our movie selections. And all of us finds our spot on the couch. I sit in Mommy’s lap. To protect and watch over Mommy.

    We wuvs you Millie.

    Wow that all sounds like sooo much fun! I hope that you will post this in the “comment box” below the post so that others can read this! I was laughing so hard!!! I love getting emails but I really like for others to see all of the comments too.

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  • Susan Thomas

    14.04.2019 at 05:01 Reply

    Well mine are professionally groomed every other month and only get baths in between if they get stinky, have a potty hygiene issue or we have photos!!! Like visiting the Easter bunny for photos

  • Lynn

    18.04.2019 at 06:42 Reply

    Our Mom says, “I don’t want no dirty dogs in my bed”, so we get bathed at least once a week too. Because were Maltese and all white, it’s easier to see any dirt on us. Mom also washes our faces, brushes our teeth and does our topknot each morning and washes our faces again after dinner. I, Lacie, love my bath ‘cause Mom gives me a really good massage, but my sissy, Breeze doesn’t like the bath very much, but she says we’re both good on the grooming table. We also get our blankets and beds washed on a regular basis.

  • Sandy McDonald

    16.05.2019 at 01:59 Reply

    Lolly sometimes loves her bath and then there are times she is not so into it. She likes the bath much more than the brushing. After her bath and a towel dry, she runs from one end of the house to the other at warp speed, and I am not sure why. It’s hilarious. Then she gets blown dry and brushed. She sleeps with me and is allowed on the furniture so she gets at least one bath a week and sometimes more if there is something funky or I notice she might have a little runny stool…eek. She has some favorite throws and toys that I keep laundered as well.

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