When Your Doggie is Hurt…written by Millie LaRue & Mummy

We have been asked many times to write an article explaining the treatments that were used on Millie following her recent dog attack…below is everything that we did and suggestions that were sent to us. There were so many, we might have missed a few…but this is most of what was suggested to us. I will also post this on Millie’s webpage so that anytime someone needs it…it will be there on her BLOG.
This past Christmas Eve started out as every other beautiful holiday night…and in the blink of an eye our lives were turned upside down. The doggies were being taken into our backyard for one last potty before we headed off to dinner with friends who had just arrived from out of the country. They were to spend the Christmas weekend with our family and we had barely said hello…their bags were not even unpacked. Once outside, our group of 5 yorkies heard sounds from next door and began barking…there were dogs next door, and THEY began barking…people from next door began making taunting, barking sounds…laughing at the uproar it was now causing and within seconds, it was out of hand and one of the dogs tore into our yard through the bushes and attacked Millie. She was grabbed up into the huge dog’s mouth and the dog refused to drop her. Millie’s daddy was finally able to wrestle her from the dog’s clamped mouth just as the dog began to “shake” Millie in her mouth like a little rabbit!!! She was rushed to the vet and emergency surgery was performed. After 2 months of rest and constant care, she is back to normal…with only the slightest limp every so often in one of her back legs!
What followed on Millie LaRue’s Fan Page on Facebook can only be described as unbelievable! People from EVERYWHERE were praying for her recovery and sending helpful advice on how to care for her during her recuperation. I have compiled a list of things that we did/used for Millie. We do not in any way guarantee the success of these treatments, but they worked for us. Of course, you should always check with your vet before trying anything on your own doggie…but I want to share with you some of the many, many things that were suggested to us after Millie LaRue was injured in the hopes that perhaps something here will help others.
In the first few days we took Millie’s temperature twice a day and adjusted her surroundings accordingly. She was kept on a heating pad set on LOW and a dear friend sent her a little stuffed doggie that has a heated insert. We could position this little stuffed doggie next to her and she would curl up around it and rest her head on the warm doggie. We encouraged her to stand and take a few steps several times a day so that her joints did not get too stiff. We took her outside for brief periods to just get fresh air and to stand and potty. The other doggies really stayed away from her. Another friend sent us a small enclosed doggie pen where we could place Millie on a little pillow, inside the enclosure, when we had to leave the room…so that the other doggies would stay away from her.
*Dyne food supplement for dogs
*cottage cheese
*plain yogurt
*nutrical gel
*ginger (this is an anti-inflammatory and can be added in very small amounts to any food they are getting)
*raw Manuka honey (#15 or higher…this can also be used topically on wounds although I did NOT put this on Millie’s wounds…but I did feed it to her. This high-grade honey is said to work on MRSA and bacterial infections and helps with bronchitis. It can be found at Whole Foods or you can order from Amaxon under the name Wedderspoon Manuka Honey)
*pedialyte (PLAIN ONLY…no flavors or sweeteners! This is used to replace electrolytes. For Millie, I made a solution of half pedialyte and half coconut water and fed her 5cc with a syringe every few hours around the clock!!! She was free to drink her normal water if she wanted. If you are having to syringe feed your doggie EVERYTHING…you will need to increase this amount and also give them some plain fresh water occasionally.)
*coconut water
*coconut oil (this was added to small amounts of food when she began to get a little appetite back…use only a small amount at first…about ½ teaspoon…then increase to 1 teaspoon later as they get used to the taste. You can melt it and pour it over the food. Organic coconut oil can be found in any health food store.)
*Forti Flora probiotic (this is made by Purina, but any probiotic will work. This is very helpful after they have been on antibiotics and their natural flora has been killed off from the antibiotics…you need to replace them. Yogurt and cottage cheese can also help to do this. This is very good for their immune system and will help them fight off infections better. It is added to their food.)
*turmeric (1/8 teaspoon added to food is said to help with swelling. I did NOT give this to Millie but it was offered as a suggestion.)
*Esbilac goat’s milk (I did NOT use this for Millie but it was offered as a suggestion.)
*Mother’s Pudding Recipe
(this is used for nursing doggies and for doggies who’s appetite is poor… you can feed it to them with a syringe…Millie loved this!)
In a saucepan put:
2/3 cup sugar
6 T cornstarch
½ teaspoon salt
4 cups milk or 1 can evaporated skim milk plus enough water to make 1 quart)
4 egg yolks
3 teaspoons vanilla
Cook over low heat, stirring constantly until it is thickened.
*Bach’s Rescue Remedy drops (a few drops placed on the bedding and blankets that your doggie rests on might help to calm them. I did NOT use this on Millie but it was offered as a suggestion. I have used this once before on Millie and it actually seemed to make her MORE agitated…but I understand that it has been EXTREMELY helpful to others.)
*lavender oil (put a few drops of lavender oil onto a cotton ball and keep it in a small dish near your doggie…you could also dab 1 drop onto their bedding. It is said to help calm them and reduce stress. I also have an essential oil tabletop atomizer and I put a few drops of the lavender oil into this to infuse the air in the room with a soft lavender scent.)
*peppermint oil (this is said to also have calming effects and a dear friend sent me some lavender and peppermint oil drops and I used both of these.)
*nux vomica (found in a healthfood store and used for vomiting. I did NOT use this on Millie as she did not really have an issue with too much vomiting. At first I mainly had problems getting her to eat and drink but not too much vomiting.)
Liquid metacam (I got this from the vet…it is an anti-inflammatory and provides pain relief)
Pepcid/famotidine 10mg (crush the pill and give over food for tummy upsets)
*metoclopramide (ask your vet about this…it is used for nausea and vomiting and is also said to help with loss of appetite. I did NOT use this on Millie because she didn’t have an issue with vomiting after a day or two.)
Wound Care:
*betadine (we made a solution of ½ betadine and ½ sterile water to initially clean the wounds twice and day…then followed this by gently dabbing a sterile gauze pad moistened with the hibicleans. Colloidal silver was dabbed over all of the wounds as well. We then covered the wounds with a procellera dressing or sterile pads and taped them down with gentle paper tape. The arnica gel/traumeel was rubbed over the bruised areas…then her entire body was wrapped in a wide ace bandage to hold the gauze pads in place and give support to her chest due to the broken ribs.)
*hibiclens (we used this to clean the wound twice a day)
*colloidal silver (we used this to clean the wounds twice a day…it is used to help the body’s defense system when under physical stress. You can also give this to them internally although I did NOT give it to Millie, it was offered as a suggestion and many people take this themselves.)
*arnica montana…sold as Arnicare Gel (this was rubbed all over the very badly bruised areas AFTER cleaning everything. DO NOT put this on the actual open wounds or near their eyes…it is for muscle pain, swelling and bruising!!!!!!)
*traumeel ointment (this is for pain relief…in the early stages of recovery, I mixed this ½ and ½ with the arnica gel and rubbed it onto the terrible bruised areas. DO NOT put this on the actual open wounds or near their eyes.)
* procellera antimicrobial wound dressing (this was sent to me by a dear FB friend, but you can order them on-line…they greatly diminish scarring from incisions. The key to proper use is that the dressing must be kept MOIST at all times in order for them to work. Millie’s scars are barely visible!!!)
*ace bandage for binding/support and holding bandages in place.
*raw Manuka honey (#15 or higher…this can also be used topically on wounds although I did NOT put this on Millie’s wounds…but I did feed it to her. This high-grade honey is said to work on MRSA and bacterial infections and helps with bronchitis. It can be found at Whole Foods.)
It took two months of constant care and attention….but Millie is well and happy and very active! We want to thank everyone again…a million times over…for all of the prayers and suggestions that were sent to us. Millie never developed any infection from her wounds and never had any major setbacks. There were a few extra visits to the vet due to worrying over wound drainage and increased swelling in areas…but there was no major issue with her recovery process…. It was just a slow process that could not be rushed. Thank-you again to everyone who sent in all of the helpful suggestions to get Millie through this. I hope that this article will offer help to anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation and I pray that anyone NEEDING this advice has a speedy recovery!
Kiss Kiss from Millie LaRue & Mummy too!




  • Ruth Hawn

    13.10.2016 at 23:52 Reply

    Millie, I am so sorry this happened to you! This is. Very helpful info. I always worry about Ruby getting attacked by a large dog when we are out walking! I love you blog! Hugs?

  • Rita Krason

    02.05.2018 at 19:03 Reply

    Millie LaRue, I had no idea of your attack because I ended up having 2 completely different strains of the flu. Reading it now has brought tears to my eyes just thinking about how afraid you and your Mommy were.

    So happy to hear you are mended and I’m making nots on some of your Mommy’s suggestions in regard to wound care.

  • Dolarosa

    02.05.2018 at 19:25 Reply

    That was always my fear when I walked Chloe, Xena and Zack! ?

  • Laurie Piazza-howard

    02.05.2018 at 23:31 Reply

    Ms. Millie,
    I will NEVER forget this attack on you. I remember that Christmas Eve, and how I felt when I read your mummy’s words that she posted. I was in shock, and my heart was very heavy. All I could do was light our prayer candle, pray, and wait. You are nothing less than a warrior to us.

  • Roxann Brousseau

    01.08.2018 at 01:34 Reply

    I remember that horrible day. That’s about when I started following you.
    I hope that other pet parent paid for your vet bill at the very least.
    So glad you are all better.

  • Tammy Stewart

    11.08.2018 at 23:16 Reply

    When I read that my heart fell and I couldn’t believe it. But so thankful to the Lord for restoring her to health.

  • Kim Height

    13.08.2018 at 13:03 Reply

    I am so glad you have healed well. I knew something had happened but I didn’t realize the severity of it. The info listed above us great information, thnk you!! My girl was attacked in the same manner, but grabbed around the neck and shoulder. Luckily her coratid artery was missed, by inches, but she dud receive multiple deep puncture wound.. She will no longer approach a large dog as used to before…

  • Barb

    25.08.2018 at 14:36 Reply

    Millie, I had no idea that had ever happened. You have the best mommy and daddy ever!

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