Wine-tasting in the Mountains ❤️

Today was our first full day at the big AIRSTREAM RALLY in Marion, North Carolina. It was such a lovely day that we decided to load up the truck and search for some of the local wineries so the parents could sample some of the grapes up here. We only made it to two places and BOTH of them were GREAT! I mean great in TWO WAYS: 1. The wine at both places was really good (so the parents claimed) and they bought several bottles at both locations.  And 2. They were BOTH doggie friendly for well-behaved and contained doggies such as ourselves. If you ever find yourselves in the area, I suggest that you check out these two places: SOUTH CREEK VINEYARDS & WINERY in Nebo, NC and LINVILLE FALLS WINERY in Linville, NC. They both have websites where you can order wine and have it shipped to you, so you can sample some of the same wines that our parents tried on the “tasting menu.”  And just in case you are wondering… we aren’t being paid to say this and we didn’t get our wine for free. We paid full price for it. Mummy NEVER advertises for anything that she doesn’t like. When we find something good, we just like to share the information with you so that you can try it too. 😘❤️🐶


  • Barbara Kowalski

    25.04.2019 at 01:28 Reply

    Sounds like a fun day wine tasting my kind of day! The photos are so adorable!

  • Kay Ankeny

    25.04.2019 at 01:33 Reply

    Sounds like you had a great day. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Daphne Parris

    25.04.2019 at 01:50 Reply

    This sounds so exciting. I Love Pet Friendly places. Your Mummy and Daddy know the Best places to go.

  • Jean Peeler Word

    25.04.2019 at 01:50 Reply

    Hi Ladies, if you ever decide to come to Asheville or 30 miles past it. We live in Waynesville, Maggie Valley area!! Tomorrow is suppose to be cooler then today. Then rain on Friday & super nice this weekend!! Sounds like fun wherever you end up. Enjoy! Shi & Paisley

    • Millie LaRue

      25.04.2019 at 01:57 Reply

      We might come to Asheville one day this week if the weather is nice, but we don’t plan our day until the last minute so it’s hard to say when/if we will make it. We wanted to see the Biltmore Village so hopefully we have time to get over that way but there is so much to see right where we are and the AIRSTREAM RALLY has several activities planned as well.

  • MaryAnne Myler

    25.04.2019 at 02:23 Reply


  • Babbalu B’Lo

    25.04.2019 at 02:32 Reply

    Precious pups! Maybe you can help our mummy learn how to contain US!

  • Judy Alter

    25.04.2019 at 02:42 Reply

    Looks like a great day!

  • Susan Nicol

    25.04.2019 at 09:30 Reply

    Sounds like your vacation is off to a great start. Have loads of fun.
    Oliver and mommy

  • Margaret Birrette

    25.04.2019 at 10:11 Reply

    Oh little ones, it sounds like you’ve all had a wonderful day.

  • Cathy Moser

    25.04.2019 at 12:02 Reply

    It sounds like y’all had a lot of fun.

  • Kristin Rulison

    25.04.2019 at 12:18 Reply

    Glad to see you are on the road again and sharing your adventures with us.

  • Pupcake Tran

    25.04.2019 at 12:28 Reply

    So in love with you! Thanks, Mummy for the wines information! Have a blast time girls. 😘 😘😘😘

  • Jeanie Drane

    25.04.2019 at 12:56 Reply

    Awwwww so happy ur vacation starting out really good, sounds like u all had a great day, probably pretty weather too,I pray so, I’m sure u girls made a great impression ,for all to see u beauties,glad ur having fun,stay safe, enjoy ur day today, l ove u all,

  • Jeanie Drane

    25.04.2019 at 12:59 Reply

    U all look beautiful in ur new vest ,so well behaved 4 beautiful little girls wowza u all will be the best site to see,!!!!!!!!!!!,

  • U

    25.04.2019 at 13:04 Reply

    Sounds like a fun day for all.

  • Becky Lansing

    25.04.2019 at 15:02 Reply

    Sweet babies! I know you enjoy all the travel and antics your parents get you into.
    Sounds like you have a lot to explore!

  • Susan Thomas

    25.04.2019 at 16:50 Reply

    The rally seems like it would be fun but I’m looking forward to you all going to the jamboree again!

  • Mary Hamilton

    25.04.2019 at 21:11 Reply

    Yum! And doggie friendly?!? Perfect! They should make some doggie wine! Lol

  • Suzanne Smith

    25.04.2019 at 22:51 Reply

    Yum. I may have to drive up with Cody.

  • Rev kennyhaddock

    26.04.2019 at 00:56 Reply

    Very good pic Millie have fun

  • Fran Stanley

    26.04.2019 at 02:57 Reply

    Looks like a fun day beautiful girls!

  • Sheila Allen

    26.04.2019 at 20:12 Reply

    So glad you are all back traveling again and taking us with you. Thanks

  • Agi Jakab

    26.04.2019 at 21:27 Reply

    So lovely to see the beautiful young ladies. Perfect timing. You get to enjoy all the sites. And I get to sit with my human and view the pretties. Love your new harnesses. Psst my human is feeling poorly. But I didn’t tell you that. Keep the pictures coming. So my mummy can smile again. Love Cody.

  • Wendy Scoggins

    26.04.2019 at 23:01 Reply

    Looks like a great time!

  • Jan krisher

    27.04.2019 at 17:22 Reply

    Sounds like you are off to a good start Love and Hugs MaggieMay 🐾🐾🥰🥰💜💜

  • Billie Hall

    29.04.2019 at 23:31 Reply

    Beautiful Furbabies, I just love your harnesses with all the pins. They look just great. Mommy does such a great job and is such a great seamstress. Enjoy your trip. Love you Precious Furbabies.

  • Kay Sheets

    07.05.2019 at 21:18 Reply

    It sounds like you went to a beautiful place with your parents and they had a good time because you four little girls are so good.
    Your going to have another beautiful trip like you had on your West Coast trip! Have a safe and fun trip! Kiss, Kiss!😘😘😘😘

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