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Mummy has been busy the last few weeks packing up orders for my on-line BOUTIQUE so today she decided that a quick INVENTORY  and CLEAN-UP was required!  Katie and I quickly volunteered because we know that whenever you help Mummy, you always get rewarded with SNACKS!  While we were in the middle of counting the inventory, we decided that it might be a fun idea if every so often we showed you a few of our VERY FAVORITE items from our store!!!  We have lots of good stuff for doggies AND mummies… and lots of things that make great gifts, so it was hard to pick just TWO for today but here goes!  Of course, y’all KNOW how I love toys so I chose the little “tiny yorkie toy” (under TOYS) because it is the perfect size for us little yorkies and Mummy says I treat it like a little baby!  LOLOLOLOLOL  Katie chose the “facial chamois cleaning cloth” (under ACCESSORIES FOR MOMMY) which is actually good for doggies AND people!!!  Mummy has one for herself and one for us!  When wet, it is the SOFTEST thing you have ever felt on your face and since it is lint-free, it is perfect for cleaning around our eyes every morning.  Every so often, she just tosses it in the washer for a good cleaning and lays it out to air dry and it’s good as new.  We love it and  Mummy loves it for doing her own facial cleansing!!!  Mummy said that if she could only sell ONE THING in our store, this would be it… she loves it that much!!!  Both items are easy to find by clicking the BOUTIQUE tab on our HOME PAGE.  There are lots of other great things there, so look around!  Katie and I are still working, so I gotta run.  We will be filling your orders as fast as our paws can move.


  • Mary Hamilton

    20.05.2019 at 15:20 Reply

    Thanks for the great tip Millie! We will have to check it out!

  • Christine Flaherty

    20.05.2019 at 15:52 Reply

    Mummy is right, that wash cloth is the bomb!

  • Judy Alter

    20.05.2019 at 15:58 Reply

    Great items, always good to clean out things. Have a good day.

  • Patricia L. Smith

    20.05.2019 at 16:05 Reply

    Good morning Millie, Sisters and Mom. I am so excited about seeing your store items. The cleaning cloth sounds perfect. Hope you all have a wonderful day. 💖

  • Elaine Cardell

    20.05.2019 at 16:12 Reply

    Thanks for the recommendations Millie. I will check these. Have fun today.

  • Sandy Greenwood

    20.05.2019 at 16:50 Reply

    You girls are such wonderful help , have a wonderful day !!

  • Karren Waymire

    20.05.2019 at 17:41 Reply

    Love your suggestions. Hugs

  • Laurie Heikoff

    20.05.2019 at 17:59 Reply

    Thank you, little Millie, for your suggestions! I will check out your store!!! 😘

  • Kay Ankeny

    20.05.2019 at 18:02 Reply

    Thanks for your suggestions. The cleaning cloth sounds like a winner. Hugs to you all!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Susan Calvert

    20.05.2019 at 18:39 Reply

    Awe, Millie…that little, stuffed Yorkie might be perfect on my desk at work. I just might have to order TWO of them – one each for my Maggie May and Lucy Lu! Kiss Kiss!

    • millie larue

      20.05.2019 at 20:32 Reply

      I confess that we have more than one of the little yorkie toys because it is pretty PUPular! Lololol

  • Agi Jakab

    20.05.2019 at 20:12 Reply

    Millie You’re always so helpful and I’m glad Katie chipped in. You have so many cute and useful items. I’ll have to check out the cleaning cloth. Sounds divine.
    And a mini Yorkie sounds adorableness.
    Love to all of you. 💋 💋 to Mummy.

    • Millie larue

      20.05.2019 at 20:30 Reply

      You will really like them! Mummy loves hers and we love ours too 😘😘

  • Sharon J. Hook

    20.05.2019 at 20:26 Reply

    Hi Millie…I checked out your store and I just may have to have the tea and toast plate. I really like it. You and Katie are so sweet to help mummy. Kiss Kiss

    • millie larue

      20.05.2019 at 20:29 Reply

      GASP!!!! Oh my goodness you will ADORE THOSE! Mummy has several of them in both of the patterns and mixes them up when friends stop by for coffee and cookies! She gets MORE COMPLIMENTS on those little dishes!!! 😘😘

  • Joan Marie Schneller

    20.05.2019 at 20:29 Reply

    Millie you and Katie are great helpers hoing to check out the cleaning cloth sounds great and all the other items. Love to all of you.

  • Carol Copeland

    21.05.2019 at 22:57 Reply

    I haven’t checked out your boutique in a while. I think I’ll go right over there now to check out the cleaning cloth! Now that my girls don’t have any teeth, mealtimes are messy!

  • Jill Stroh

    22.05.2019 at 02:45 Reply

    Hi Millie Larue and Mummy,

    I just ordered two cleansing cloths because of the recommendation of you and little Katie Scarlett. I want one for myself, and also need one for Miss Ivy Grace, my sweet Tuxedo cat, who sometimes needs my help with washing her pretty face. They sound so nice and soft, especially for Ivy, who has a sensitive little face. I’m sure we’re going to LOVE them! Kiss kiss.

    Jill and Ivy Grace

    • millie larue

      22.05.2019 at 04:33 Reply

      Thank you ms Jill! I will get these shipped out right away. Let me know how you like them 😘😘

  • Jeanie Drane

    22.05.2019 at 15:24 Reply

    Where do I find it on my cell phone I’d love to order ,love u all!!!!!!!!!

    • millie larue

      22.05.2019 at 18:34 Reply

      Ms Jeannie, just go to our HOME PAGE and click on BOUTIQUE. You can find the yorkie under TOYS and the cloth under ACCESSORIES FOR MOMMIES. Let me know if you still can’t find them. 😘😘

  • Rev kennyhaddock

    22.05.2019 at 17:55 Reply

    Love you guys Millie

  • Kay Sheets

    24.05.2019 at 17:40 Reply

    Millie and Katie you girls are so good to be helping your Mummy like you do. Mummy I’m sure is very happy to get your help!
    You keep up the good work. Have a good weekend and stay safe. 😘😘🇺🇸❤️

  • Jeanne Luther

    26.05.2019 at 18:35 Reply

    I’ll have to check out your boutique, it’s been awhile. Hugs to you all

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